Johar Valley


Johar Valley is a geographical region between the river valleys of Gori Ganga and Ram Ganga rivers in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India. This is a mountainous region which falls in the belt of the Central Himalayas.

Johar Valley was further divided into the three sub-divisions or pattys :
  • Malla Johar (Upper Johar)
  • Talla Johar (Lower Johar)
  • Goriphat (Middle Johar) 



Snowfall in Munsyari

These three sub-divisions comes under the Munsyari Tehsil, which came into existence in 1961. Munsyari town is located between 80° East longitude & 30° North latitude, at an altitude of 2290 metres above sea level. Munsyari is a small market town which acts as a junction between the upper and lower Johar valleys. It is also known as the Gateway of Johar region, and is surrounded by the folds of snow-clad mountains.

In words, Munsyari can be defined as - “ A vista of perfectly pointed and snow-clad peaks over 20,000 feet; breath-taking majestic Himalayan mountains and splendid valleys waiting to be explored at every bend; green alpine forests of Pine, Oak, Deodar, Spruce, and Cypress in the lower reaches ablazed with Rhododendrons in spring; crystal clear lakes; deep and noisy rivers. In short, a real paradise for every soul – nature lovers, bird watchers, trekkers and adventure seekers!

There are two high-altitude places in Munsyari ideal for skiing : Khalia Top Bugyal and Betulidhar. Munsyari is the base camp for the treks to Milam, Ralam and Namik glaciers. There is also a lot of scope for the white river rafting in the Gori Ganga river flowing near Munsyari.

That's why! Munsyari is known as "Him Nagari"


  • Mountains : Panchachuli (6798 m), Hansling (5430 m), Nanda Devi East (7698 m), Nanda Kot (6882 m), Nanda Gond (6315 m), Nanda Pal (6306 m), Rajrambha (6895 m), Trishuli (7074 m), Hardeol (7151 m), Rishi Pahar (6992 m), Chaudhara (6510 m), Burhu Dhura (6334 m).
  • Mountain Passes : Unta Dhura (5420 m), Kungri Bingri (5564 m), Jayanti (5974 m), Ralam Pass (5630 m).
  • Glaciers : Milam (3872 m), Namik (3600 m), Ralam (2290 m), Poting, Panchachuli Glaciers (Uttari Balati, Dakshini Balati), Pacchu, Kalabaland, Sankalpa.
  • Rivers : Gori Ganga and its Tributaries (Gunkha, Pacchu Gad, Lassar Gad, Ralam Gad, Poting Gad, Laspa Gad, Lwan Gad, Bilju Gad, Burfu Gad, Madkanya, Tanda Gad).
  • Waterfalls : Birthi Fall (125 m), Lim Bogdiyar Fall.
  • Alpine Lakes : Maheshwar Kund, Thamri Kund.
  • Skiing Slopes (Winters) : Betulidhar, Khalia Top Bugyal.

Panoramic View of Panchachuli Parvat

" चे च्यवा! "