Sunday, 10 October, 2010

Picture Gallery Added!

"Blogs of Johar" team proudly presents some beautiful and vibrant glimpses of Johar Valley. Thanks to Mr. Prashant Joshi (Almora Boy) for his awesome contribution to this picture gallery. You can also contribute to this blog by sending us your photographs of Johar and surrounding areas!

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" चे च्यवा! "

Tuesday, 5 October, 2010

Video Gallery Added!

"Blogs of Johar" team proudly presents some of the video albums made by our creative and talented Shaukas, like Shri Chandra Singh Daspa Ji and Shri Navin Tolia Ji, whose honest and applaudable efforts have helped in the preservation and promotion of our unique and beautiful culture!

To view these videos, go to the "Videos" page by clicking on the menu (Videos) or on any of the following thumbnails (Images).

(1) Album Title : अल्ले अल्ले कां गये तू
     Courtesy : Shri Chandra Singh Daspa & Rishi Films.

(2) Album Title :  रंगीलो ज्वर मां
     Courtesy : Shri Navin Tolia & Lok Kala Kendra (Darkot).

" चे च्यवा! "

Legends of Johar

"Legends of Johar" - A new blog giving some new and interesting information about the great and extraordinary people from Johar, who have achieved such feats in their life which make us proud to be a Shauka! Come, let's learn and share facts about the Legends of Johar!

" चे च्यवा! "